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Do you service All Palm Beach County Area?

Yes we do.  Common areas are: Wellington, Boynton Beach, Jupiter , Palm Beach Gardens , Juno Beach , Tequesta, Palm Beach island, Lake worth, Boca Raton,Loxahatchee, North and South Palm Beach. We work for all Palm Beach County.  We have done special projects in Broward County , Miami Dade, St Lucie and Bahamas.

Are your prices lower than Home Depot and Lowe’s?

Yes, we have found that we continuously beat Home Depot and Lowe’s pricing and service.  The big box companies do not fabricate, they are just a middle man. Will you see full slabs in the Home Store? Here you will.

Should i use Thick or  Thin Stone?

 Our competitors use thin 2cm (3/4") slabs and glue on an edge to save costs on slabs. The result is usually less than desirable. At Rock-It we prefer to use 3cm 1 1/4" thick granite, quartz, quartzite, and marble slabs. Yes, the slab costs more but the labor savings of not gluing on an edge offsets the added costs and adds value to your countertops. 

Are there other types of material can I choose for my countertops?

Yes. Other options are :


Marble is a metamorphic rock that forms when limestone is subjected to the heat and pressure. On the mohs hardness scale a marble will range from 2 to 3.  It Requires special care when use in kitchen tops.


 Quartzite is harder than granite and rates between a 7 & 8 on the Mohs hardness scale.  It makes very durable kitchen countertops.  Like granite it will not etch under normal conditions. 


Quartz is a manufactured using primarily crushed quartz and granite held together with resin (glue). Quartz is hard like granite and is stain resistant which makes it ideal for kitchen countertops.  Under normal conditions it will not etch.

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